What We Do In The Shadows (2014)

Vampire films are done to death. Let's just accept it. There have been serious movies and spoofs galore on the subject. But perhaps none have come to be as entertaining as 'What We Do In The Shadows'. With a very fresh approach on the portrayal of vampires, this film is a delight to watch and... Continue Reading →


Trapped (2016)

As a fan of good cinema, I'm disappointed that my own country's biggest film industry doesn't make experimentative cinema. With the immense pool of talent available in this country, I am aghast that we were making the same 'ghisa-pita' films even in the better half of the 21st century. That changed with Trapped though. I remember... Continue Reading →

Baby Driver (2017)

It's official. I've found my first truly favourite movie of 2017. A movie which looked good in the trailers and followed it up by not sucking on the big screen. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the cool, slick and whacked out Baby Driver. Baby Driver is a movie about a bunch of thugs who rob banks.... Continue Reading →

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016)

I don't usually watch horror movies. Somehow I've always found them stupid. And most importantly I find them not scary. One can always second guess what's going to happen next and that completely defeats the purpose of a horror movie. I cannot say the same about The Autopsy of Jane Doe. I sat down to... Continue Reading →

La La Land (2016)

First things first, I am a huge fan of Whiplash (should write one of these for that as well). Hence when I saw the teaser for La La Land, a movie written and directed by the same guy who gave us Whiplash I was naturally intrigued. As the days progressed and the first trailer of... Continue Reading →

Detachment (2011)

I've said this quite often but the truth is the truth. One of the things I enjoy about watching movies from my collection is that I chance upon a movie which leaves me stunned because of the sheer brilliance it contains. I don’t usually write about something that I’ve seen unless it compels me to. Detachment is... Continue Reading →

300 (2006)

What do you expect of a movie that has a bunch of half naked men fighting an army led by a man who too, is half naked? A lesser mortal's answer would perhaps be gay porn. But for those who are acquainted with Zack Snyder's epic war film, will tell you that one experiences only awesomeness in this... Continue Reading →

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