The Autopsy Of Jane Doe (2016)

I don’t usually watch horror movies. Somehow I’ve always found them stupid. And most importantly I find them not scary. One can always second guess what’s going to happen next and that completely defeats the purpose of a horror movie.

I cannot say the same about The Autopsy of Jane Doe.

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I sat down to watch this movie as it came recommended by a friend. Didn’t really have much to do that night so thought what the hell. Switched off the lights, wrapped the blanked around my feet and I was all set. I am not even kidding, by the end of it I had to watch 2 episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S to distract my mind from what I had seen.

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The movie is about this father son duo who are practicing coroners (and of course Jane Doe). The film opens with the discovery of an unknown female corpse. As is the norm in the US, the unknown corpse is named Jane Doe and sent to the morgue for medical examination. The mystery begins with the way the cops find the corpse.

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The father son duo is played by the extremely talented actors, Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch respectively. From the beginning we can see that Brian Cox is a seasoned coroner with his family being in the morgue business for generations. He is old and getting tired, presumably because of which Hirsch as any caring son helps him out with his duties when honestly he could be out there in the world living his life.

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The two were getting ready to call it quits for the night when the sheriff comes in with Jane Doe demanding a reason for death by the next morning. As always is the case in these horror movies, they have a compelling reason to do what they need to, in spite of the gut feeling inside. As seasoned coroners the two get to the task at hand immediately and go about the process in a systematic manner. But BAM! seconds into the procedure they (and us) start noticing weird things happening. Things which happen only after Jane Doe comes into their life.  It would be cruel on my behalf to spill the beans of a thriller movie any further than this.

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Brian Cox as the father and Emile Hirsch as the son are quite the perfect pair. Kudos to the casting director, because I honestly thought that both actors have a certain eeriness about them which translates beautifully into their relationship as father and son. Our Jane Doe is played by this actress called Olwen Catherine Kelly who does more than a convincing job playing a corpse for the entirety of the film. Trust me when I say that I was actually scared by a character whose only job was to lie down like a corpse. There are some other characters but only with a small part to play.

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The Autopsy of Jane Doe is not a normal horror movie. More than elements of horror, it infuses thrill into the script wanting you to find out the reason for the supernatural occurrences. The film is scary, spooky and has enough moments for you to watch over your shoulder. For those who know me, they will know that I don’t get scared or grossed out that easily. So when I am saying that this movie scared me and grossed me out, maybe you should see if it does the same to you as well.


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