Baby Driver (2017)

It’s official. I’ve found my first truly favourite movie of 2017. A movie which looked good in the trailers and followed it up by not sucking on the big screen.
Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the cool, slick and whacked out Baby Driver.

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Baby Driver is a movie about a bunch of thugs who rob banks. Sometimes given the nature of their job, they kill people too. Our main protagonist is a man whose name is baby. Yes! that’s right. B-A-B-Y. And he is the designated getaway driver. His job? To make sure that these criminals are safely escorted back to the base, where the loot gets divided.

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The film starts off with pure adrenaline. A believable car chase sequence. Some breath gasping driving stunts. Dark humour which stays throughout the movie. The story quickly progresses to to the introduction and background of the major characters. Boss man played by the versatile Kevin Spacey is the brains behind all the heists. He’s got a rule. Never to carry out a job with the same crew. However for reasons made clear in the script, he’s quite fond of baby being his designated driver for all the jobs. There’s a point in the movie when he says, “He’s a good kid and a devil behind the wheel”. I couldn’t agree more.

Ansel Elgort is the man who plays “Baby”. He’s a man of few words. An accident as a kid forces him to listen to music all the time. It’s not really a bad thing considering it helps him focus especially when it’s time to get away from the heat. He fits the bill perfectly. I was quite impressed considering it’s his first movie that I saw. With acting that’s not over the top he does more than a decent job in making the audience root for him.

Kevin Spacey acts in a role which seems to have been tailor made for him. I think by now he’s mastered the character of a sophisticated white collar criminal. Jon Hamm and Eiza González are sort of a modern day Mickey and Mallory Knox, without the excessive killings and abuse hurling. Honestly in my opinion they were just hired to up the hotness quotient of the film. The real gem of the movie comes in the form of Jamie ‘Bats’ Foxx. There’s a part in the movie when Jon Hamm’s character asks him if he’s crazy. Foxx’s retort? “For a man named Bats by his own folks, what do you expect?” Jamie Foxx is perfect in essaying this role. A bad ass motormouth he has no qualms about either robbing your money or robbing you of your life. One could say he’s the epitome of crazy meets crazier. But to be honest I enjoyed Foxx’s character the most from the lot. 

Edgar Wright is the man who’s got us the enjoyable Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the dead in the past. With his latest film, he’s probably created a cult movie. I like directors who can infuse music into the scripts as props. The soundtrack of the movie is quite stellar and more than foot tapping. At certain points, it becomes difficult to not use the word musical to describe the movie. Like a friend said after watching the movie, “I thought it was like the Transporter series meeting La La Land”. Wright has kept the film very slick in execution. It doesn’t feel draggy at any point. Or didn’t to me at least. The shots and editing are quite crisp and fresh. Very stylised if you ask me.

To sum it up, Baby Driver should be on your list of movies to catch up on this week. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the Fast and Furiouses of the world. With an A list star cast, the film doesn’t fall short on the one thing we expect from movies. Entertainment. And like I said before, I’m sure audiences the world over will bestow the status of a cult film on it.

So go to your nearest theatre and vroom, vroom, vroooooooom.


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  1. I’ve so excited to finally watch this. Literally every review I’ve read so far has been favorable, which I find quite rare nowadays, for moviegoers to all agree on a movie. I’m excited because of Edgar Wright, who is great, the cast is badass (I mean, hello!) AND I’ve heard a ton of good stuff about the soundtrack and how it is integrated into the movie. I always love that kind of stuff. Really nice review, enjoyed reading it.

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