Trapped (2016)

As a fan of good cinema, I’m disappointed that my own country’s biggest film industry doesn’t make experimentative cinema. With the immense pool of talent available in this country, I am aghast that we were making the same ‘ghisa-pita’ films even in the better half of the 21st century. That changed with Trapped though.

Image result for trapped hindi poster

I remember seeing the trailer for Trapped and being quite excited. It looked interesting and definitely not a run-off-the-mill Bollywood flick. Unfortunately I could’nt catch it in the theatres. But thanks to Amazon Prime video I managed to watch the movie last night. The premise is quite simple. A man gets trapped in his own house with no electricity, food or water. With no means to reach out to anyone for help our protanogist stares at uncertainty over his fate. It’s a game of survival and it remains to see if he’s the fittest.


Rajkummar Rao is a brilliant actor. I think we knew that ever since he acted in Shahid. But his brilliance, his acting prowess just seemed multiplied in this film. Films like Trapped require a strong actor to carry the story forward considering you’re the main actor acting solo for about ninety percent of the film. Rao probably is the perfect choice. The array of emotions he’s displayed is commendable. His character undergoes a transformation and the finesse shown by him is only the sign of a naturally good actor. I think it’s time we stop celebrating the stars of yesteryears, the young duds with a B-family name and appreciate talent like Rajkummar Rao who are brave enough to experiement with new cinema.


Trapped is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. The same guy who wowed us with ‘Udaan’ and ‘Lootera’. I absolutely love this man. His first 2 films he gave us some fresh cinema and he continues to do so with his third. Trapped is a film which most of the Indian audiences will not get. There are no song-dance sequences, no dhishoom-dhishoom nonsense. It’s a simple story with a simple premise but the tension Motwane builds is only something that the accomplished can do. I have more respect for the guy after watching this film and can only hope that he keeps making cinema which is hatke.


Don’t watch Trapped if you’re expecting a breezy Bollywood movie. Watch it if you want to see Indian cinema in it’s experimentative mode. Films like these are not made everyday and not for everyone. It caters to a niche audience but the point is that films like these need to be made and more people need to watch it. More people need to ask for films like this which makes you retrospect about life. Watch Trapped if you are bored of the usual Bollywood movies with big names but hardly any substance.


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