The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The secret to a good film is to tell a good story. A good story will keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat. It will make you wanting to know more, not wanting for it to end. The Wolf Of Wall Street is exactly that. A good story about a real life person and his real life incidents which makes you want to know what happens once it starts and ultimately how it ends.

Martin Scorsese hits the jackpot with his new film. The Wolf of Wall Street is about Jordan Belfort, an ambitious stockbroker in the mid ‘80s. His ultimate aim in life? To be rich and not stop at that.

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Teaming up with his favourite Leonardo DiCaprio for the fifth time, the two of them weave cinematic magic with the real life story of a stockbroker. Joining DiCaprio are Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie, the support system of the acting thread in this film.

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Although a good director is the captain of the ship he is nothing without his team of dedicated actors. Scorsese continues his infatuation with Leonardo DiCaprio in this movie and once you watch this powerhouse performer, you will know why! In what could be one of his most career defining roles, DiCaprio helms Scorsese’s magic and presents it to the viewers. He is versatile in every frame of the movie. His portrayal of Belfort’s character makes you sympathise with him even after knowing his shortcomings. He packs almost every emotion in the film, drama, humour, excitement and delivers it with a punch- notably the scene where he has a seizure is one to watch out for.

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While the other supporting cast was equally good in pulling the film off, I shall take a minute to talk about a very special appearance in the movie. None other than Matthew McConaughey who steals the show, limelight and possibly everything else for the few minutes he was onscreen. Fresh off the Dallas Buyer’s Club look he looks pale but his performance leaves an impact with you which lingers even after you’ve left the theatre.

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Technically the movie is good. It’s a little long standing at 2 hours 59 minutes. However the editing is sharp and crisp not letting the pulse drop even once. The cinematography and music give good support to the scenes.

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The Wolf of Wall Street is all about the greed for money, drugs and parties. It is a story about how money runs people and ruins lives. The bottom line however is that this movie ends 2013 with a bang. With its dark humour and underlying drama it a movie that one needs to watch because if you don’t you will be missing out on a lot.


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