The Best Offer or La Migliore Offerta (2013)

It happens once in a while that when I sit down to watch a movie without knowing much about it, at the end of it I curse myself for not seeing it before. The Best Offer, a movie laced with more themes than one can imagine is perhaps one of the best psychological thrillers in my movie watching stint.

It starts off with an immediate introduction to the protagonist of the movie Virgil Oldman, portrayed by the fantastic Geoffrey Rush. Early into the movie you understand that this is no ordinary man. Brilliant, eccentric, cold, gullible are just the few words I can think of to describe Rush’s character.

Image result for the best offer

The story progresses at a fast pace but as it goes ahead you realise the numerous plots hidden in it. With each sequence you feel the mood of the film shift and it’s like you are watching multiple films all mixed in one.

Image result for the best offer

I am not going to say anything more because it would be unfair to spill even the tiniest beans about this film. What I would say is that in case you want to see something which has elements of being a thriller, romance, drama, subtle comedy and a mind boggling twist then this is the movie to be acquainted with.


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