Bridge To Terabithia (2007)

It’s very rare when you come across a movie as simple and sad as Bridge to Terabithia. It’s one of those lovely movies you see once, fall in love with and then place it in the realms of your mind to revere at a later point.

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The movie predominantly is about this young teenage boy living in the country side with his parents and 4 sisters. A typical middle class American family living out in the woods. The boy’s name in the movie is Jesse played by the cute, little Josh Hutcherson. Problem with living out in the woods that more often than not you grow up without a true friend in the wilderness.

In school he is a quiet guy who keeps to himself. He faces common problems which almost all kids face while growing up, bullies, a crush on a teacher etc. He finds peace in running and it’s his dream to be the fastest runner in the school.

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However that dream is shattered when a new girl Leslie, defeats him and outruns everyone else too. Portrayed on-screen by AnnaSophia Robb Leslie is what I would like to call a bundle of energy. She’s a city girl who’s seen the world a little more than the country kids. However she has no superior air about herself. She is kind, generous, creative and above all a true friend. Jesse and Leslie become friends and their friendship is magical.

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Bridge to Terabithia is a fantasy movie where these two protagonists create a world of their own for themselves. They create, envision and let their imagination run wild. Jesse finds a true friend in Leslie, someone whom he can trust and consider his own. But one day when a certain tragedy knocks at his door he understands the true meaning of his friendship.

Image result for bridge to terabithia jess running

This movie as I said earlier is one of the simplest movies I have seen. It’s simple because it talks about simple issues that almost all of us would’ve faced while growing up. It’s sad because it serves to remind us that life isn’t fair.

Watch this movie if you want to feel good about life but at the same time learn that life comes with its own share of highs and lows.



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