300 (2006)

What do you expect of a movie that has a bunch of half naked men fighting an army led by a man who too, is half naked? A lesser mortal’s answer would perhaps be gay porn. But for those who are acquainted with Zack Snyder‘s epic war film, will tell you that one experiences only awesomeness in this flick.

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300 is an average story. A bunch of guys fighting a war to defeat an enemy who threatens to take their land away. Now of course it does not even come close to a ‘Saving Private Ryan’ but it holds its own ground. What sets it apart from other war films is the visual experience it offers. It is full of violence, blood and gore but all the above with class.

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Gerard Butler stars as King Leonidas who leads his troop of 300 against a Persian invader with a vast army. They have no hope of defeating the Persians, but manage to hold their own for 3 days before every Greek soldier gets killed.

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This film is essentially a boy’s film. Also for girls who like watching hot men showcasing their six packs for the entirety of the film. But ideally you should call your guy friends over, make a drink or joint and just sit and enjoy what us boys like so much. Action.

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P.S. Watch out for the scene between King Leonidas and the Persian messenger.


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